Client: TXT Group
Production manager: Andrea Mescalchin
Cinematography: Matteo Mescalchin
Screenwriting: Diego Coppiello
Grip: Giovanni Santon
VideoEditor: Paola Balasso

Pre-production script has played a role in shaping the whole project.

The meeting scene just ready to roll.

Framing for the coffee scene.

Some shots from behind the scene show lighting and set prep arranging for camera movements and framing in the office area.

Building the pileups took some testing as well as consistent hours in picking volumes and gluing them all together from the bottom up. For this scene we used exclusively faulty copies that have been previously collected by the company.

The pileups scene from behind the camera during the shoot. As for the lighting it was all done using only on 4 HMI joker units from K5600lighitng slightly adjusting position depending on camera angles. A couple of small Chimera video pros and a medium size pancake did the job along with a fresnel we used for enhancing separation. Finally two 20×10″ backdrop were used alternatively as backgrounds and negative fills for contrast control.