Andrea Mescalchin:
As production manager at digitalmovie Andrea's tasks and duties go from production planning to crew managment, location scouting, accounting and marketing.
Whether you want to work with us or hire our team Andrea is the right guy to get in touch with at

Giovanni Santon:
Photographer and lighting specialist Giovanni has a flare for steadicam flights, grip, lighting for stills and video.

Paola Balasso:
Photo and Video Editor at digitalmovie since 2010 Paola has worked on considerable number of projects while developing killing workflow and refined style.

Matteo Mescalchin:

Cofounder of digitalmovie in 1997 Matteo is head photographer in our team. Working as d.o.p. in video projects his main duties are on lighing and directing. He also works with clients and agencies on concept development and style research.
In his endless learning process he has been recognised for his work by Hasselblad USA. Matteo has also been selected by as endorsing photographer and by Chimera Lighting as Chimera Visionary.
Different interviews and articles about his lighting are also available at as well as on several photography blogs website like
More about Matteo's personal projects and skills at