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One of a kind approach to production plants photo shoot

distinctive LIGHTING

Refined lighting techniques to picture industrial production line with unique style.

unique workflow

originally designed workflow maximizing efficiency and effectiveness with live monitoring options

Uncompromising quality

taking out on location the best studio-like workflow, techniques and equipment

Delivering industrial lines photo shoots with studio-like quality.

Photography is today’s preferred line of communications between companies and customers. In order to be effective as communication tool, photography must be of high quality meaning both visually engaging and electronically impeccable in terms of pixel quality.

A photo shoot without compromises enables the audience to understand the processes underlying a product and – more importantly – to be fascinated and connected, creating a much greater degree of engagement than the traditional “industrial photography”. For this reason an extra layer of craft is needed to be performed over the image style and that’s when refined lighting comes into play. We engaged with the mission of visually interpreting the beauty of a factory or industrial plan elevating distinctive features into eye catching moody images.

The final goal is to do justice to the value of the work carried out by a company.

Understanding image quality

The quality of picture can be measured under two different perspectives: electronic quality and visual quality.

Electronic quality can be measured, with the use of objective instruments, in terms of file size, depth of color, dynamic range, color fidelity and so on. It depends on the correct and knowledgeable use of technologies and tools like cameras.

Visual quality is measured in a non-instrumental way in terms of the attractiveness of the image and the engagement with the public, accordingly with both objective values (composition, depth of field, color harmony) and subjective values (aesthetic taste, personal sensibility, emotional impact, empathy).

While the electronic quality is connected to the technology and the use we make of it, the visual quality very much depends on the quality of the lighting and the ability of manipulating light to trigger emotions.

Lighting requires a combination of technology, creativity and experience, in addition to preparation work and good use of refined equipment.

working style

Over time we have developed a working style shooting with mixed lighting technique, without giving up on efficiency therefore moving really quickly and being able to shoot a considerable body of work in relatively short time resulting in very competitive work.

Lighing up to 50 scenes in a day: we successfully combine quality with quantity providing a fulfilling range of options in describing a production site consistently with the project guidelines.

Reliability and confidentiality: two important values

Our clients appreciate our reliability and confidentiality. If reliability is the value our studio is best known for, confidentiality is equally important for us.

In addition to NDA agreements we are happy to sign, our team has a confidentiality policy driven by caution and common sense.
We strongly believe in our values and professional approach, also producing BTS complementary shots to be line up with our production standards.

portfolio industrial shoots

The Italian Stone Theatre Marmomacc 2018
Marmomac 2018 editorial photoshoot
The Italian bakery

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