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Photography and Videography

We have crafted videos and carried out photo shoots for more than 20 years delivering the best quality within the budget.

Our imagery is the outcome of optimized workflow that leaves nothing to chance. We take care of every step of the project, from location scouting to post-processing and retouch work. We carefully run the production work down to the details avoiding typical issues that may occur, especially on set. The production process is designed to get the results we’re after matching deadlines and budget.

The value of your product lines


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Reliability and confidentiality


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Entrepreneurs and professionals

Business Portraits

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Shooting up to -150m


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Commercial photo


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A Special Project


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Sometimes they call us artists. We are professionals.

Professionalism is our strength. Mixing it with cutting edge technologies and time-proven experience, we deliver reliability, quality and confidentiality. That’s what turns companies into clients. When companies need to keep the unexpected out of their business we fit their needs.

We also handle, take part or just execute artistic projects, successfully.

Our Works

K5600Lighting Joker2 HMI
Pinarello Bolide f HR 3d
The Choice. Documentary movie about Luigi Casati.
Mares Ultraskin - Product Video
Photoshoot: Danny Lazzarin for Lacertosus
Schuberth C5 ProductVideo
CaseHistory: Monte Due Torri

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