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Professional photographic portraits
for managers and coaches


all classic, painterly, modern and innovative lighting patterns

be CONNECTed with YOUR audience

well crafted professional portraits communicate with your target audience through visual style


authentic and engaging presentations setting apart from competitors

Dr. Filippo Ongaro - coach

Business portraits tailored to managers, professionals and entrepreneurs.

Designed for businessmen, managers and freelancers, a professional portrait shoot will create a series of images suitable for business profiling.

It is not a matter of vanity: it is all about presenting yourself with distinctive style.

Effective photography makes it possible to communicate the real value of a professional opening to conversations with potential clients and partners.

Different shots fit different occasions. Some friendly or relaxed portraits are usually complementary to some formal and polished versions, providing a flexible photographic portfolio suitable for different occasions when a professional is asked to provide a profile picture for editorials, news, reports or presentations.

Giulia Franchini - professional golfer

The making process

Before shooting a business portrait, we brief with the client and define visual elements and style, consistently with the subject‘s personality (as in personal portraiture) but also with the position, title, role and the professional field.

The actual shooting typically requires the professional to be on set for around 15 to 20 minutes, when the image look is customized to the subject and various stylistic solutions are considered.
Professional portraits can be shot either on neutral backdrop, or using simple props and  objects, such as a book for a writer, a graphics tablet for a designer, or even on location like a medical clinic for a doctor.

Depending on the mood we are after, classic lighting patterns like the “butterfly or Hollywood”, the split, the Rembrandt, the “loop” or “cross lighting” can be used. Alternatively, it is possible to experiment with more creative or unusual lighting patterns. There’s a research process involved in crafting authentic and communicative images. The photographer’s experience can lead the subject in the process of self interpreting.

Finally the most visually engaging images go through the editing and retouch process before being delivered as impeccable files.

The most popular use for a well-structured professional portrait includes LinkedIn profiles, technical reports, business reports and presentations.

Guido Cicogna - TXT group

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