Why we did it

FaceXP is among the most prominent Italian Othodontic Society with a really qualifyed leadreship we are honored to work for. Beside photography and videography, whereas the whole editorial work is extended to printed and web communication, we team up with other professionals and consultants and web strategy experts like Max Fini and Tanddem.
We’ve been working close to them in the preproduction but also on set while filming the project. The goal for the video was set in representing the society’s approach and policy.
Our production designer Andrea has worked on the initially good shooting plan making it bullet proof and most of all making it possible to complete the shoot within a single day.

How we did it

Lighting has been a bit tricky due to the very tight spaces of real location we shot into. Anyway once again the powerful output and small dimentions of Jokers from K5600lighting has been the best choice I could make. In facts, I mostly used a medium Chimera Pancake lantern to create the ambient level I needed for the look , and layered it with small fresnels and a couple of Chimera VideoPro casting lights from behind doors and windows.
As for camera movement I enjoyed using a small dolly we modified for making it really smooth under our Red digital cinema camera.