Why we did it

Founded in 2007, Lacertosus is an Italian brand that really cares about quality therefore at Digitalmovie we are happy to work with this company as we feel like having quite some shared vision and values. Just by looking at their products, you can tell they are well designed, innovative and super sturdy training equipment.
That said, when we talked about shooting a short motivational video with Danny, we couldn’t be moreexcited about the project. Working with Danny means that nothing is fake or made up in any way. As a successful YouTuber he’s pretty used to perform his typical workout in front of a lens and we wanted to add up our own layer of expertise. In facts, all we needed to deliver was some filmmaking good craft in capturing the cool action effectively and set up some cinematic lighting around the real workout.

How we did it

To do so, we planned the shoot in different areas accordingly with Danny’s training program and set up a lighting diagram to be moved around the different areas where he took action. We used 4 Joker units (HMIs) from K5600 Lighting to work as a harsh backlight, a soft top down ambient light and a couple of rim lights. Then shooting simultaneously on two (sometimes three) different angles has been a key to
maximize on efficiency as we produced much more quality footage for the given action.
Capturing some real spoken audio fx has also contributed to the sense of reality we were after.