What’s the project:

Underwater video featuring the new backlit panel of LeoR underwater housing from Easydive. Cave diving seems to be one of the best scenarios to fully enjoy this new feature and ‘Sorgente del Gorgazzo’ happened to be the perfect location for the project. Thanks to Comune di Polcenigo and Centro Pordenonese Sommozzatori ASD for the opportunity.

Why our work:

Thanks to our partnership with Easydive, at digitalmovie.it we co-worked on developing the new underwater housing LeoR up to its final version now available on the market for underwater cinematography. As a final review and first dive with the very latest version of the housing, we shot this video highlighting some key features of the product like the backlit control panel, the vacuum system and remote set up via the Easydive app.

How it’s shot:

Underwater footage was entirely shot by Andrea over two dives down to about -100 mt into the Gorgazzo cave. On the surface, our terrestrial team shot some complementary scenes mainly dedicated to the housing set-up and prepping operations.

The long-tested Moby Camera Mount quickly locks the housing in position on the Seacraft DPV making effortless and extensive use of the camera during the progression into the cave.

Action cameras like Paralenz and gopro were carefully positioned on the helmet and on the scooter side providing some nice behind the scene angles.

Without compromising on the adventure taste, dive plans were executed by Andrea Mescalchin and Ivano Predari with great attention to safety procedures making the experience both enjoyable and safe.


Special thanks to:

Location Host: Comune di Polcenigo – Cenntro Pordenonese Sommozzatori ASD

In collaboration with our partners: