What’s the project all about:

The photo series visually goes through the whole coffee production process: from selection of raw beans to served coffee drinks, constantly maintaining the feeling of great attention to quality across the aroma journey.

How it’s made:

From the photographic point of view, the goal is to infuse the feeling of a warm aroma across the series. This is achieved by using a calibrated color correction and a coherent lighting style.

The roasting process is controlled by advanced technology for the best temperature gradient preserving and enhancing all the aroma features.

Official tasting is a ritual performed by long experienced experts.

State of the art espresso Caffè Cartapani


Studio facility: digitalmovie.it
Project: Caffè Cartapani – A Story of Excellence.
Client: Caffè Cartapani
Agency: RaineriDesign
Art Director: Matteo Calorini @raineridesign
Photographer: Matteo Mescalchin @digitalmovie.it
Tech & Crew : digitalmovie.it
Project coordinator: Andrea Mescalchin @digitalmovie.it
Retouch: Matteo Mescalchin @digitalmovie.it