The project:

SCHUBERTH C5 Carbon is the first-ever SCHUBERTH PERFORMANCE motorcycle helmet.

This video features the product across its entire life; fast-forwarding from the incredibly cured handcrafting to the hot roads of nowhere in the desert.

Its full Carbon shell is handmade at SCHUBERTH PERFORMANCE by the same highly specialized hands manufacturing Formula 1 helmets. Thanks to manual lamination and the autoclave curing processes, the shell of C5 Carbon combines extremely lightweight with unparalleled performance.

The challenge:

The client’s brief set the main goal for the project in picturing the C5carbon using the best mix of handcrafting, design, technology,  and action on the roads.

The leading direction for the video was based on the motorbike riding actions with recurrent manufacturing flashbacks.

A few still-life studio shots seemed to be nicely completing the mix with a polished presentation of the C5carbon distinctive design.

How it’s shot:

Given the complex manufacturing process, an accurate pre-production plan was key to our mission. After selecting the scenes with the client, we planned for the shoot and designed the production schedule to be as efficient as possible considering the lighting work and syncing it with a tight factory timetable.

Pulling it all together:

The editing work finally put the visual assets all together creating a flowing video for the product.


Client: Schuberth Helmets

Project coordinator: Andrea Mescalchin

DoP: Matteo Mescalchin