Sometimes it’s good to have a free-hand assignment where our photography team can feel free to express ideas and visual style within the project’s goals set by the client.

After discussing a few options we decided to create two different sets of images: one studio session is dedicated to the product design, assembly instructions, and construction diagram. A second shoot provides action pictures to show how the product works and looks into the real world.


ROTO camera mount is dedicated both for professional videographers and also for less experienced photographers. Universal construction allows to connect different types of cameras and adapt it to personal needs.


A technical picture clearly explains the assembly diagram and ‘what’s in the box’.

The beautiful water entrance of the cave at Grotte di Oliero seemed to be the perfect location for the second part of the project. Unfortunately, the water conditions (typically low visibility during the summer) didn’t allow for an underwater photography session. Nevertheless, the natural environment looked perfect to get nice angles and a variety of visually interesting backgrounds.

Lighting on the water

Lighting the cave entrance has been relatively easy thanks to portable flash units and Chimera collapsable beauty dish as  a modifier. Lighttools Ultrasoft Egg creates gave me a considerable edge over light control creating some visual interest through the contrast.

Last but not least, we shot some pictures exiting the water.


Studio facility: digitalmovie.it
Project designer: Andrea Mescalchin
Photography: Matteo Mescalchin
BTS photography: Giovanni Santon
Retouch: Matteo Mescalchin

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